Oct 14/18 – Sept spending

A bit delayed because spending got out of control in September. Yuck.

Last year total spend was 3025.59 and year to date spend was 25,374.80. This year it was 5174.18 and year to date is 31,572.41. Even though the number is higher this year, it includes 5267.15 in utilities which we did not pay through the credit card in 2017. It also includes 10,000 in planned new car spending, without those items we are spending 16,297 so far which is a good reduction year over year.

Retail and grocery 2017 – 454.41, literally just at grocery stores. In 2018 623.22 which includes a gift for my mother in law and a small shopping trip with a friend.

Restaurants 2017 – we ate out 19 times and spent 380.93. Some of these were with friends but some were out of laziness. In 2018 we went out 7 times and spent 243.74 – less eating out but better quality.

Rental property expenses 2017 – 207.55, 51.90, 367.50 for appliance, furnace maintenance, and pest control. In 2018 31.00 for an add to list a vacancy.

Other spending in 2017 included some new tools as I had just started wood turning as a hobby – approximately 650 spent on this. Other spending in 2018 included 2 sets of winter tires for 2596.70 (they are critical for survival on winter roads), a 6 day hiking trip with my mom ♡ (spa, restaurants, and gas was 261.15), and some work expenses that were reimbursed to me (292.22).

I must say, life is good.


Oct 14/18 – cinnamon buns part 2

So the cinnamon buns turned out awesome!

Things I learned – you cannot rush the defrost in the microwave. Cream cheese icing is more than just confectioners sugar and cream cheese. If you bake them for too long they get really tough.

Baking notes from frozen – take out of freezer and put into buttered pan, leave overnight in the fridge. Turn on oven to 350, set timer for 20 mins, and put buns in while preheating.

Icing notes – 1 part cream cheese, 1 part butter, a bit of salt, a bit of vanilla, blend with confectioners sugar until desired sweetness achieved, add milk to desired consistency.

Oct 6/18 – cinnamon buns

I tried my hand at cinnamon buns today!

Bread maker dough recipe here – https://happyhooligans.ca/bread-machine-cinnamon-rolls/

Filling recipe here – https://www.callmepmc.com/cinnamon-roll-filling/

I added 1 package of vanilla pudding to the filling. I have a recipe for monkey buns I got ages ago from a colleague, and it tastes like Cinnezeo cake. The secret is the vanilla pudding. I’m hoping it goes well in the buns!

I got 18 buns out of the combination of recipes above, I baked 3 of them and froze the rest. According to the one hundred dollars a month blog you can take them out to thaw in the fridge the night before you want to eat them and then bake the next morning for some amazingly easy yummy eats. Well I’m going to test this!

Sep 24/18 – courses

I posted a couple months back about going back to school. This was before I knew about my job change and started that adventure.

I am still registered for a course though and I have to finish it. Investment Management Techniques. I picked it do I could better manage my own investments, and my job paid for it to boot. I’ve decided to write the exams on Oct 22 and Oct 29. What the heck, time to get it done. I’ve only been registered since Feb 2017.

I need to study an average of 4 hours a day, I probably won’t be able to do that for a month, so plan is to concentrate on the most important parts.

Today is my first day studying. I’m going to get through section 1 and 2.

I am also doing some errands and things today – making another batch of spaghetti sauce from garden tomatoes and carrots, picking up winter tires for my new car, picking up a rain barrel for one of our rentals, and hanging out with my friends tonight.

One of our tenants also had run into some difficult times and has to move out, so I also need to find new tenants for November 1.

I found a distressed property as well that would be an interesting project, and am hoping to go look at it this week. It would be a property flip – a top to bottom renovation and then sell for hopefully profit. We have never sold a property before, so it would be an education on hope that works.

Sep 21/18 – vacation with mum

Today is the last day of my lovely vacation with my mother. We went on a 6 day road trip of sorts, driving to Fernie and then down to Whitefish Montana.

(Beaver lakes trail map)

We have enjoyed 3 hikes and are doing one more today, went to the spa (I get massages through my work benefits), and kayaking on Lake Whitefish. It has been so relaxing, a much needed break from work.

We hit the road Sunday afternoon, took a leisurely and uneventful drive to Fernie. We had considered golfing that evening but it was raining, so we made dinner (chicken and broccoli) and played board games. Monday morning we had a lovely omelette breakfast with avocados and big bang bagels, tried to find the Fernie amonite (no luck), and went to the spa – lovely.

(Sperry chalet trail)

The trip itself hasn’t been too expensive either – so far $44 on tip and tax for the massage, $124 on gas, and a couple dinners for two.

(Going to the sun road, just opened after forest fires)

We snagged lunches from the breakfast bar at the hotel – bagel sandwiches (cream cheese, ham or bacon if desired), hard boiled eggs, oranges, and cups of froot loops for an afternoon snack. Coincidently good (not perfect) hiking food for us. Our dinners out have been shared salad and shared entrees, which keeps the serving size reasonable – not wasting any food and also keeps the cost low.

Everyone here has been so helpful and welcoming. It really is a lovely place.

Sep 15/18 – laundry detergent

I decided sometime last year to make my own laundry soap. I am tired of the plastic containers and chemicals of laundry detergent. We already pretty well eliminated dryer sheets (I use 1/2 of one only for towels as we live in a really dry climate – read static-y).

The laundry soap I make is quite simple – 1 full bar of Ivory soap, 1 cup borax, 1 cup washing soda. Grate the soap and then mix together. I have a container I use to make double batches which last about 6 months.

The soap grates/dissolves best if it is older and drier soap. My next batch (in 6 months) will be made from soaps we scored from hotels, we’ll see how that turns out!

Sep 14/18 – knitting

I made this dress! http://wrypunster.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/03/al-gore-call-me.html

It took about 3 weeks to complete, I used wool that I received as a gift.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to join the sleeves so I followed this guide http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter04/FEATknitbynumbers.html

I finished with a neck that was off the shoulders it was so wide, so I frogged it down to the raglan decreases, and continued decreasing at each shoulder marker until I had 4 stitches left between the shoulder markers. This created a much narrower neck and became my finished product.

I wore it to work the next day and got tons of compliments on the color and the dress, little did my colleagues know that I made it myself!

Yarn and washing instructions